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More citizens adopt animals and birds at Mysuru Zoo – Mysuru Today

Mysuru, June 16:- When the administration officers of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens at Indiranagar (Ittigegudu) in Mysuru had been going by means of financial crunch to satisfy the day by day payments of the animals and birds following the closure of the zoo attributable to Covid lockdown and the next earnings loss, plenty of folks and establishments from all through the state have come forward to assist the explanation for wildlife conservation by adopting the animals and birds.

A Mohan from Mysuru has adopted Golden Pheasant  and Crimson Tory for Rs 5,500, APC Abhijit from Mysuru adopted Widespread Rat Snake for Rs 1,000.

Srivatsa from Mysuru has adopted Widespread Barn Owl, Brown Mottled Picket Owl for Rs 10,500; G S Ramya from Bengaluru has adopted White Peacock for Rs 3,500; Kavya Shree from Bengaluru has adopted Love Fowl for Rs 1,000; B Vijay from Bengaluru has adopted Ruddy Shelduck for Rs 2,000; M Mamatha from Mysuru has adopted Yellow Golden Pheasant for Rs 3,500; P Sanmathi Poorva from Mysuru has adopted Mandarin Duck for Rs 2,000; Pradeep Doddaiah from Bengaluru has adopted Inexperienced Anaconda for Rs 10,000; P Sudhakar from Mysuru adopted Indian Grey Wolf for Rs 20,000; Manu Basavaraju from Hassan has adopted White Peacock for Rs 3,500; Zeus Biotech private restricted, Mysuru, has adopted Indian Rhinoceros and Black Panther for Rs 1,10,000, primarily based on a press launch from the zoo authorities director, Ajit Kulkarni. (NAV) 

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