Do not let the salt of the earth hurt pets’ paws

Don't let the salt of the earth harm pets' paws

Expensive Pet Speak: How can we take care of the salt on walkways and roads, and does it have an effect on our pets’ paws? — Deb O’Hanlon, Acton

Expensive Deb: For these of us dwelling in northern climes, the corrosive results of salt on our pet’s paws is certainly a danger. However don’t let the presence of salt deter you from giving your canine the skin time he’s used to. There are numerous merchandise you should use, and most pet shops have balms or moisturizers with wax that can assist defend his pores and skin.

You need to use petroleum jelly. Whenever you come residence, wipe his ft completely with a moist fabric, particularly between the pads. You possibly can’t see if salt was used on a street, however you possibly can see the after-effects. When you stroll your canine down a moist street in winter, with snow throughout, that street has acquired a number of salt. The identical goes for sidewalks.

In case your canine is limping or exhibiting reluctance to maneuver ahead after an extended stroll, he could have a burn. Remedy ought to be rapid. First, wash the injured paw with antibacterial cleaning soap. Rinse completely and pat the foot with a dry, clear towel to take away all moisture. When you can see the damage — blisters or cuts — deal with with an antiseptic, comparable to betadine or hydrogen peroxide. Permit the antiseptic to air dry.

Some accidents could take per week to heal, and within the interim, you would possibly take into account “booties” on your canine. And you probably have yard house, why not shovel a winding path that your canine can journey on safely?

Sally Cragin is the director of Be PAWSitive: Remedy Pets and Neighborhood Schooling. Ship inquiries to sallycragin@verizon.web.

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